proposal for different grids and guides UI

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Quote from: GarryP on January 29, 2017, 01:43:46 PM...the grid has to be defined to the page rather than individual shapes.

...The grids are not the same so the shapes cannot use the same points.

as we work completly different, i think we won't find a common opinion here. (i never place graphics by a grid...)

QuoteDefining the position of a node with numerical values is pointless (pardon the pun) if you use a properly defined grid that allows for snapping.

i don't like the idea of a magnetic 1mm grid (too many snapping points). but sometimes i need finer steps – no problem with numerical values.

Quote...this is all irrelevant to the original poster's idea about having all of the controls for layers and "service layers" in one dialog. Does anyone have any comments on that?

ale gave a comment in his second post.
...and i use a keyboard shortcut to show or hide the guides. if displayed, my guides are always in the foreground.