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Hi there,
When I open a document, the window is not visible. Even for a new one. Properties windows, help are available but not my document.
I'm using scribus 1.4.6 on windows 10.
Thanks a lot

hi axun

i assume an off screen position of the window.
there should be a file called 'scribus140.rc' somewhere in a location for preferences. on macos it's under: …user/library/preferences/scribus – i don't know where such stuff is stored under windows.
if you find this file, open it with a text editor and search for a line beginning with: '<MAINWINDOW' change the position values to something like 'YPOS="22" XPOS="5"', then start scribus and pray…


Or, on Windows, try using ALT+SPACE then pressing "M" then pressing any arrow key then moving the mouse (without clicking) to see if you can move your window back onto the screen.

ALT-SPACE-M... it worked. feel so stupid. Thanks a lot

You're welcome. Don't feel too bad, it's easy to forget this sort of thing if you don't use it much.


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