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Hi there,
When I open a document, the window is not visible. Even for a new one. Properties windows, help are available but not my document.
I'm using scribus 1.4.6 on windows 10.
Thanks a lot


hi axun

i assume an off screen position of the window.
there should be a file called 'scribus140.rc' somewhere in a location for preferences. on macos it's under: ...user/library/preferences/scribus – i don't know where such stuff is stored under windows.
if you find this file, open it with a text editor and search for a line beginning with: '<MAINWINDOW' change the position values to something like 'YPOS="22" XPOS="5"', then start scribus and pray...



Or, on Windows, try using ALT+SPACE then pressing "M" then pressing any arrow key then moving the mouse (without clicking) to see if you can move your window back onto the screen.


ALT-SPACE-M... it worked. feel so stupid. Thanks a lot


You're welcome. Don't feel too bad, it's easy to forget this sort of thing if you don't use it much.



I got the same issue using Scribus 1.5.2 on Win10 after double-clicking on the Scribus main window "top-bar".

For the attention of French people who may find that post, you have to use ALT+SPACE + "N" (from Agrandir).

Thanks for the trick, as the Win10 taskbar doesn't offer these options anymore, I was a bit lost too...


Thanks for adding that extra bit of information Hilvern. I'm sure it will be useful.

If anyone knows of different key combinations for this in other languages it would be great if they can add them to this thread so other people can be helped in the future.


Thanks to user utnik, had the same problem with v 1.5.4, edit of the scribus150.rc file as given here worked; for those interested : XPosition='2061' placed the main window way to the right of my 1920 wide screen.