Can PDFfile->save() be executed silently?

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Is it possible to use PDFfile->save() in the UI in such a way that there is no user feedback?

In Scribus 1.5.2, it opens a small progress window that steals focus. I'd like to be able to use save() without that. Is that possible in a script?


hi dagoss

you should probably test it with 1.5.3 (or share your script so that i can easily test it with 1.5.3) since (iirc) a few GUI leftovers have been removed from the scripter in the the second half 2016.

if it's not already the case, you should also check if the dialog pops up also when you start the script from the command line and use the -g option (for no gui)

if the dialog is still there, you're welcome to write a ticket on !


I'm not on a system where 1.5.3 can be easily installed. I'd appreciate it if you could see if 1.5.3 fixes this.

The script is actually the venerable ScribusGenerator. It's using save() to export the PDF. The other day I had to do a data merge with over 1,000 records, so the constantly focus-stealing window caused me some grief.