End a line with a different colour ?

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I'm new in scribus and I'm looking for a way to do something like that :

I can't find a way to finish a line with a different colour.
Thanks for the help


You probably have to use a colored rectangle for it.


iirc, with scribus 1.4 there is a trick to do that by using the underline width and offset. but i cannot recall how exactly it did work.

in 1.5 you can add a right aligned tabulator that goes to the right margin and use a background color.
it's not exactly the same but...

personally, i don't know what's a good way to set create such a widget... any idea? (for sure, once the basic functionality is there, people will for want rounded corners and create a dotted pattern...)

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I think the best way might be to do it "backwards":

Place a colored line across the full column width, and use white background for the text (thus "overwriting" the line with text on white background).


Diplo95, you have a couple of other options:

A. You could use the same technique as mentioned here http://forums.scribus.net/index.php/topic,2314.msg10605.html#msg10605  as can be seen in the attached screenshot (top) but with a large outline (I've used 72%) and offsetting the "block" from the baseline in Advanced Settings (I've used 10%).
One issue you might have is that this technique uses outlining in a way that it's not really meant to be used and so you could have a display problem where the em dashes meet (as can be seen at the top of the blue block as a slight "square wave").

B. A lot of fonts contain "block" characters. To use these (as in the bottom screen shot):
* Double-click a text frame, then choose menu "Insert -> Glyph...".
* Press the Show Palette icon (looks like a table).
* Select Character Class "Block Elements".
* If your font has one then choose the largest.
* Then double-click it, then press the Insert button and close the dialog.
* Then copy/paste the block as many times as you want to fill the rest of the line.
You then need to alter the height/width and offset of the blocks until they're the right size for the text and frame.

Both of these techniques sound long-winded at first but once you're up and running it's easy to do and they move with the text (unlike drawing a separate box).

P.S. With both techniques just select the "blocks" and change the font colour to change the colour of the whole block.

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I found a way to do it easily by upgrading in 1.5.2 version. There is an improvement which allow to change the background of the letters.

So I create a text box colored in blue, and I write in blue with white background.

Thanks for the help


I'm glad you have found a solution that works for you but please remember that the 1.5.x versions of Scribus are developmental versions that are not considered stable for production work.

If you need to use 1.5.x then it is generally recommended that you do what you can in 1.4.6 and then take a copy of the SLA - not the original - over to 1.5.x to finish up. Once the SLA is in 1.5.x format you cannot take it back to 1.4.6 if 1.5.x goes wrong, so it is good to have a copy you can go back to if needed.