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Hello everyone!

I have begun to use Scribus with git and specifically Github to track changes and so far it has worked well.  But I have a few questions about the best way to proceed with what I am doing.

I am using Scribus to design a stamp album for Ukrainian stamps that I have licensed under Creative Commons and give away for free on my website:

I set up Github for the first time with the 2015 stamp album supplement and all was well.  But I am trying to figure out how to proceed with other supplements.  My first thought was to make a new branch for each year.  But the changes I make are not cumulative.  Each year is unique, so there is no need to roll back or sync branches.  I'm wondering if doing branches is the best approach, or if it might be better to create a separate repository for each year.

I don't have a lot of github experience, so any help from more seasoned github experts would be most welcome.


Have you looked at this

I'm not a Git/GitHub expert but, personally, I'd probably just create a new folder for each year, each sharing the same images folder at the same level, e.g. Images/2015/2016/2017, etc. Otherwise, if you created a new repository, you would have to copy the stamp images over for each new repo.

This is just off the top of my head so there might be a much better way to do it.


I did read that page.  That's what got me inspired in the first place.  One of the things I like about Git and Github is tagging releases.  I can't find a good way to do that while maintaining separate year folders, and only releasing a certain folder.  I'm thinking I may be able to maintain my whole thing in master and create branches for specific years when they're done and do releases that way.  Need to do more research.


i have most of my scribus documents on github.

but i just use it as a sharing and backup tool.

creating branches and tags is probably not that useful, since you cannot really compare two versions of a .sla file.

in your case, i would also go for multiple directory in the same repository... or multiple repositories...


I think what I might do is keep it all in master.  The I just make a branch for the specific year, remove all the files expect that year, and generate a release from that.