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Hi, I'm trying to change the text box to change to 2 or more columns.  Ive seen an online tutorial where we do this in Properties.  However, when I edit 'shape' in order todo this, there's no fields in which todo this. Where am i going wrong?  I'm using Scribus 1.4.0.  

Meho R.

No need to edit shape. Select a text frame, then in Properties palette go to Text > Columns & Text Distances.


yep this is the fast way to do it...

drawing 2 frames and linking them is mostly a better way to do do it (not as easy at the beginning, but helps you get a more pleasant result in most cases).

- draw the two text frames
- select the first frame
- use the link tool in the toolbar to connect it to the second one

using guides (like in page > manage guides; rows and columns tab) you can make the process of creating frames very fast.