Linking and unlinking text frames

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I'm trying to figure out the confusing documentation for linkTextFrame and unlinkTextFrames.
Some of the older documentation shows unlinkTextFrames as having a frame name parameter, whereas the newer docs show it having no parameters.
In one place I saw the example that if you had 3 frames a->b->c and you did unlinkTextFrames(b) you would end up with a->c.
I don't know what it will do without the parameter. Would it unlink the currently selected frame?
What I'm actually trying to do is remove one frame from a linked series and replace it with another, so I hope I can get it to work that way.
As far as linkTextFrame, this same older documentation claims that the target frame being linked to the existing frame must be empty or the call will throw an error. If so, it makes the function rather awkward to say the least.
In any case, I'm still confused. If I were to use linkTextFrame to link frame b to frame a, which is already linked to c, (a->c), what would happen? Would I end up with a->b or a->b->c?
Note that I've tried checked in all the Scribus scripting manuals I could find. I also tried using the help in the Script Console (version 1.4.5) but that's not helpful because I get the following error.
ImportError: No module named pydoc
That's pretty frustrating because I know I have both python and pydoc!


1. activate "view > show text chain"
2. use the unlink tool to unlink and click on the frame you want to unlink (and unlink it from the previous one)
3. use the unlink tool to unlink and click on the frame after the one you want to unlink (and unlink it from the following one)
4. use the link tool to link the previews frame to the next one

now, for the reason why your scripting does not work:
- has nothing to to do with the linking problem
- you don't really give enough infos (please open a new thread if you need further help)


I know how to do all of this manually through the editor. I'm just trying to clarify the documentation for the scripting API. It took me a long time to figure out how to scan through a series of linked frames (in my case, a 100+ page novel) to set styles in certain places and was hoping to get things done quicker this time. It looks like I'll have to muddle through once again. As I figure out how things work I hope to submit some clarifications to the script API documentation. Thanks anyway.