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Quote from: kosson on February 02, 2017, 11:25:33 AM
The solution from the email I managed to replicate, though for Javascript there is no joy.

Do you mean that it worked with the Java from the example, but not with Javascript?

Then it must be some kind of configuration issue only, because the minted solution relies on Pygments and Pygments supports Javascript.


Indeed, it worked for Java. One big problem though: it rendered the code with every line of code underlined, and in rather poor quality. Hmmmmm... it seems latex plugin doesn't cut it, at least for me.

I will proceed with the LibreOffice Writer imported odt. This path satisfied my requirements. Now concentrating on building a special converter according to two syntax highlighting shema needed in my book.

I will update my thread with my progress. Thank you! If there are any other developments, I receive them with gladness and joy. I just wish someone will pick up this issue and make it work natively for there is a big need to make beautiful materials in the field of programming. Our young must be attracted in a rather dry abstract world by how we pack the info. Many blessings to the coder(s) developing that import plugin preserving color formating.


I think it would be good if the two techniques mentioned here were put in a Wiki article.

If there are a lot of people doing the same thing it might be useful if the techniques were laid out in a proper work-flow, explaining each step for each, so there is less confusion in the future.