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Hi All,

I am new to this forum.

Just a couple of days ago I started with Scribus. I had hammered away at Indesign for months .. hate the way it works. Scribus is so much easier and intuitive - love it.

Some background, I have a loooong history in IT, hardware, programming, webdesign, etc.. but now I own the local newspaper.

I have a graphic artist who creates ads for me (I can't do that stuff), but I would like to be completely independent of InDesign. Scribus seems to be the way to go.

One question. Is there a network version and/or any way to share 'pages' over the net in some collaborative manner. In other words, if my sales lady (she works part-time), needs to have a quick look to see if there is space left in the paper to put a half page ad on  .. oh, page 24 or something ... is there a way in which Scribus can do this?

For that matter (says he hoping for the impossible) can you update a project over the net. Could the same sales lady add an image frame, interactively, so to speak - so that I (the boss LOL), and my graphic artist know there has been some space allocated.

Hope that makes sense....

Oh, I have version I used this one as I am allergic to my PC crashing .. LOL

Cheers and thanks for a great product!



hi tim,

first: if you're starting using scribus now, go for 1.4RC5... it's probably already more stable than and definitively more usable.

there are two issues left and, then, we will get a new shiny 1.4...

but this is not what you were asking for!

back to your main question: there get your sales lady to have a preview of the work... yet... but i think that it could be easily implemented!

the basic idea would be: the person working on scribus launches a command to upload an image of each page to a web server and, then, anybody can login to the web server and have a look at the images.
time budget for getting this to work: 1 to 2 days.

personally, i plan to work on automation and collaboration issues starting from january 2012 for the 1.5 branch.
we will see what will come out of it!



Hi Rabies, Welcome.
I am also fairly new with Scribus but have read or seen a video tutorial  that it is possible to work on the net.

A simplified system for you would be to use a  a web host where you can lodge you  materials and just send the address of that by e-mail to a recipient.

I also agree that Scribus v.1.4 is the best to use although v.1.5 is good for the digital printer need.

Let us know how you get on and is there any difficulties that are ahead of you and your work.

I am in publishing so I am facing similar problems to you.



no, not really...
as far i can tell, it's not possible to really use scribus over the net.

there is a script which we can fill under "proof of concept" which shows what could be done... but it was more of an artsy project than a serious attempt to collaboration.

and you can use "file > collect for output" to pack all the files together and send them to other people...

that is (afaict).

but as i wrote: 1.5 (with the scripter 2) will be a good platform to experiment with those features and i plan to work on it in the first half of 2012...


I think that accessing files by svn would be The way to go for collboration.

If I remember correct LyX for example has support for RCS, I haven't used it in a few years but as far as I remember it worked fine.

If text frames could link to external files like image frames do I think a lot of neat stuff could be done.


@nermander: if you use SVN you won't have an easy task in merging two SLAs which have changed on both (or more) clients...


That might be true, but are you sugggesting using a Scribus-specific server for collaboration? I think having to maintain the codebase for such a server would either be taking focus from the coding of Scribus or the opposite (meaning the server would lag behind Scribus).


i think of a plugin to existing server side applications (CMS, wiki, ...).

on the one side, the skills to maintain such a plugin are imo different than the ones needed to hack on scribus...

on the other side, i think that having a server plugin  in PHP or python may help some developers to get interested in scribus hacking...

i see it more the other way round: with such a tool, companies who have programmers at hand will start working with scribus... and this could be a real win for scribus!

but am i only dreaming?