[SOLVED] Spanning image 2 pages - A4 Preview -> A3 booklet print

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Really enjoy using Scribus for brochures, CMYK pdf conversion from inkscape for cards, etc.
I have just searched through the forum and found some similar setups but no answers to my particularly issue.
Numbers inserted just for easy reference.

Current setup:

1) Brochure in Scribus as A4 portrait layout, image on page 2 spans onto page 3, save as A4 PDF and when view on screen it is fine.
2) Print via Chrome on Windows - advanced print - landscape A3 in booklet format, page 1 on front, 2&3 inside, 4 on back. Fold landscape A3 in half. All good.


3) It inserts a printer margin on the inside pages and so my spanned image spans but has a ~5mm gap at the fold. I believe the printer or software is applying a margin to page #2 and 3?

Current Solution:

4) Maintain two files, A4 for sending by email, online viewing, etc and A3 for printing.


5) Is it possible to just work with the one A4 file and somehow create an A3 booklet/print ready pdf from Scribus?
6) The fourth page varies (up to 10 different pages) as I create multiple PDF's and select which page to use as #4 when export to PDF.

Any suggestions much appreciated, by no means an expert so likely to have margin/bleed/something in the wrong place too.
Thanks again.

UPDATE: I think I need to look at imposition. Just learned about it via another thread. Will investigate.


hi suberimakuri

i use jpdftweak for basic impositioning.
but if you have some bleeds on the inside edges of your pages, i expect this gap again. (in most cases you don't need bleeds between the pages...)



Thanks very much, found that in another thread you posted in. Will give it a whirl.