Can't remove table borders

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I'm trying to create some tables without borders. I select the table, go to the 'Table' section of 'Properties' and click on all the borders. This ostensibly seems to work as the '1pt Solid Line' entry in the 'Borders' section disappears, but the table isn't updated on the page. As soon as I click out of the properties tab all the borders reappear. They're also still there in the Preview view.

I'm using v1.5.2. Am I doing something wrong, or is this functionality currently bugged?


generally speaking, in most cases it's not worth to use tables inside of scribus.

for most cases you should pick on of those two:

- use tabulators
- create the table in libreoffice and import it as pdf or svg

in some cases it can be ok to to them in scribus, but i would avoid it.


I'd read that, but was wondering if that was still the case in 1.5.x. Ultimately I ended up using tabbed spaces - not ideal, but worked well enough.

Thanks for the reply.