.sla loads 23%, then Scribus becomes non-responsive - why?

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A Scribus project I've been working on for some time (~250 page book) has run into problems. The .sla file is about 2.5MB, but when I try to open it with Scribus 1.4.6, the program crashes (goes into "Not Responding" mode) always when 23% of the way into loading the file.

This was happening repeatedly for a while with 1.4.5, although it was 28% loading then. I upgraded to 1.4.6 which helped the first time, but the problem is back and seems to be worse. Thus far I've always managed to get the thing to open, but it takes 10-20 attempts before I can get a 100% load. And then Scribus behaves perfectly. 

So it's not a case of a corrupt file - but something in the file is causing problems. Any idea how I can find this and fix it?

I'm running the 64bit version on Windows 8.1.



hi matthew

it's hard to tell, what causes the problem. it could be:

  • a memory related issue (not related to the 2.5 mb, but to placed image files...)
  • a corrupt font file
  • a corrupt graphical element
  • ...
i would try to load the project:

  • without the images (temporary renaming the directory with the images...)
  • after quitting all applications except scribus
  • run a test over the used font files
if you're not able to open it again, you can show me the file. then i'll give it a try. (but not today – i'm about to switch off the machine...)