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I made a sla for a brochure of 4 pages A5 in one sla-document. However, I find no way to print it correctly with my printer and have not really the time (and the nerf) to find out.
So I wanted to separate the 4-page file into 4 individual files, which I then save individually as a pdf.

Then I create 2 new A4 landscape slas and put on one container-page  page 1 on the left half,  page 4  the right half, wheras on the other contaniner-page page 2 left, page 3 right.

How is it possible to split these 4 A5 pages into individual slas?
Have you first consulted the Manual? You can probably find the solution there.

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Why do you want to do it with SLAs?

Why not export to PDF and use one of the many PDF manipulation tools to create the imposition you want?,_PostScript_and_Imposition_tools


why not copy paste the content in a new A4 .sla with 0 margins and one  column / row guide?

for long term jobs, i would go for the pdf manipulation nermander suggests... but if it's the first and last time you're doing that, just copy paste it..