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thanks radu!

a/ eh eh... i've discovered grav multiple times, but never used it... in the last couple of month i've now done two projects with it and i have to say that it's a pleasant cms to use!

b/ for the forums, i guess you suggested the use of discourse. sadly, there is not much i can do there: the state of this forums does not justify starting a separate community, the split of forums has more consequences than just setting up a new website, and hosting a discourse instance is not trivial. and i don't see the team wanting to setup a new engine (even if -- behind the scene -- they started a rework of the wiki... so there is hope.)

c/ there is something you can do: i'm looking for samples of works done recently with scribus : - )

and since i wrote about it in a different thread but not here, where it all started, here it is, the (shy) announce:

i've now implemented martin's proposal on and, even if it's in beta state, i looks good to me!

contributions are very welcome both for the content and for the grav site. there is a list of task in the README's "contribution" section:


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