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Anyone know how I can contact the webmaster(s)?

I was looking for info on the site and saw some ways that could be more accessible to newbies like myself. I have experience with Wordpress/wikis/web...



hi kaanchan

the team member who is behind the website is christoph schäfer.
his email address can be found in the about dialog in scribus.

lately, there is another guy who has started caring abut the site: scott.
you should be able to ping him on irc at US business hours.
he already got in touch with christoph by email and started working on the content.
you might want to get in touch with scott!

having seen how the website has been managed over the years, personally, i would wish if somebody could propose some sort of manifesto for the website, defining its goals, the visitor targeted...
describing what has been done and why. describing further tasks to be done!
it would help in making it less of a patchwork...

i would also love it, if there were a public repository with the themes, the list of plugins used and the config files...
sadly, i'm not aware of a way to get wordpress (i think the site is made with wordpress) to be friendly to new contributors (for the content, of course! i mean: how to let you change the content without giving you write access to the site?)

so: do you have some ideas on specific improvements you'd like to contribute?