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Hi there.  Don't know if anybody can help but I've been having a bit of trouble with a document that I've been working on.  It is a tuition book I've been writing that contains a lot of diagrams and illustrations but this afternoon when I saved it, all the pages went blank.  I can't even see the grid but the document is still there but somehow hidden.  The text boxes and picture boxes are there and turn red when you click on them but you can't see them, however when you go to print preview, you can see everything in the preview window.  I was just wondering if there was something that I can do to rectify this.  Thanks.


I'm just a learner in Scribus but a couple of questions come to mind - aree you using layers and possibly have turned printing and or visibility off in the Layers dialog? Also, did you export to a pdf and try printing from that?

I missed this post and just spotted it now. Can I offer a belated hello?