Guide Manager > Column/Row> Selection Feature? Bug?

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When I tried to figure out what "selection" does in:   Guide Manager > Column/Row> Selection.

It remains grayed out no matter what I try. I'm just trying to find useful and quick ways to grid out pages. I'm wondering if this function is a no longer working feature from previous versions waiting to get deleted, or if there is some way of getting it to work. I have no urgent project awaiting an answer here - just curiosity; I'm trying to become fluent with the rudiments.

I'm using 1.5.1 on Linux Mint. Very plain vanilla.

Thanks for reading this.


hi cgood

it looks like a bug in scribus 1.5.x – you shauld report it at



Reported. And in the process found a workaround. Someone else's "elderly" bug report got me trying all sorts of stuff and eventually finding several actions that would work.

If I move the selected frame, the "Selected" option becomes available. Not something every user might find.

It took me an hour of fiddling around to come up with a simple workaround.  The common denominator was getting the system to recognize the selected frame by moving it, with the mouse. Keyboard moves did not work.