Import ODT document with footnotes in scribus

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I tried uploading .odt with footnotes in scribus and it ignores the notes to the page. I'm using scribus 1.5.3 (scribus-trunk) on ubuntu 16.04. What I can do?



what about improving your c++ programming skills? : - )

joking apart, in scribus, footnotes are still a work in progress and i would not suggest to use them in production, yet.


I did it with a previous version, I don't remember but I think that was 1.5.2 but I don't remember the build.

I reviewed the file /trunk/Scribus/scribus/plugins/import/odg/importodg.cpp to try to find some clue about this. But I didn't find nothing about footnotes.




I i got the same issue is there is any new development ?


I have struggled with footnotes in Scribus
and have found that it is much easier (sometimes)
to compose the material in Open Office because it
does such nice footnotes.

My current routine is to use endnotes in OO, and to treat the endnotes
which OO generates as a separate file, to be pasted in at the end
of the Scribus file, which in my workflow is always only a single chapter.

By and large I do a lot of individual copy and paste instead of trying to
import a whole OO file. I still am using the (antiquated) 1.4.6,
and when I try to import a whole file I get weird results, so I don't.