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Do you need imposition feature in Scribus?

What it is?
No, I don`t need it.
No, there are sufficient other tools already.
Yes, but only for simple booklets.
Yes and with full control (blind, margins, cut marks)


I voted for the third option: "No, there are sufficient other tools already.". While I do think it would be nice if there was a built in imposition tool within Scribus I think there are more pressing issues the Scribus team need to focus on first.

jPDFtweak is a good solution although maybe not the easiest piece of software to use. I guess the Open Source community could do with a really good imposition tool that is user friendly and intuitive to use.
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I agree that an improved version of jpdftweak probably would be the best solution.

Some improvements I could think of:
- sheet margins (i.e. don't print to the edge of the sheet)
- automatic calculation of page locations on the sheet (compensate for pages that need to be adjusted up/down/left/right within their "cell")
- handling of bleed (Scribus can add bleed and trim marks, but in an imposition they would need to be cropped in the gutter)
- adjustment for creep
- adjustment for pages twisting when folded (not sure of the term, we are talking about a rotation in maybe 1-2 degrees)
- signature numbering and collation marks

Since I haven't used any professional imposition programs I don't know how they work.


It's funny that this poll has appeared as I just last week needed to deal with this exact same thing.

I would love to see it in Scribus! Even if it's an implementation of something that already exists how can it hurt to have such a major program bring it to the masses and have that many more people's eyes on it, using it, and finding bugs and suggestions?

For me I do a lot of work in Scribus, but I ended up having to do a booklet and went back to InDesign as it includes all that I need for imposition. This would be one of the final major nails in the coffin of InDesign if Scribus included it.


Quote from: nathbeadle on November 24, 2016, 09:00:53 PM
how can it hurt

  • Makes the code more complex
  • Takes developing resources from other features
  • Makes Scribus more compliacated for those who do not need the feature

What most people ask for is plain booklet printing, that can usually be achieved by printing from the PDF viewer.