How to get in the "Made With Scribus" Section

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Hey Scribers,

Searched through the forum but came up empty so wondering who out there can help me get my project into the Made With Scribus section on the website? We used Scribus to design the product box, the brochures, as well as the 60-page user guide for a new product line and I was so happy with Scribus that I wanted to show what it can do!

Any help is most appreciated, and hopefully this will spur others to showcase what they have done as well!!


You can apply for a Wiki editing account by following these instructions: (as far as I know this is still the correct procedure).

Once you have an account you can change the existing page to add your own information (just go the the relevant page and press the "Edit Source" tab at the top of the page). You can find more info about editing here:

Don't worry if you make a mistake, you can cancel your changes at any time.