Bookmarks with text in them?

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Barry McKenna

I've generally followed Scribus for many years, and I have the book.

However, when I click on a text frame and right click "PDF Options > Is PDF Bookmark," and then proceed to generate the PDF, I get a Preflight Verifier error listing for each bookmark: "Object is a PDF Annotation or Field"

After generating the PDF (PDF/X-1a) (despite the Preflight notices), the bookmarks object appears in the left Acrobat Reader panel, and when I click on that primary nav panel bookmark object, the nav panel changes to show bookmark symbols, but there is never any text.

The book implies this is supposed to be a simple click-click operation (or so I read), but I've never been able to get them to work, and searching the help, forum and Wiki doesn't seem to produce any information with details about pdf bookmark generation process.

[With LibreOffice, bookmarks are automatically generated according to Heading styles, with h3s nested under h2s, etc.

Is there some related scheme for Scribus?

What am I missing?]

I discovered that if I generated the PDF out to v 1.5 or PDF/X-3, then the "2nd" text frame's first text would appear, with a blank bookmark symbol before it, and a blank bookmark symbol following it. The 1st and 3rd textframes contained bold, 13.3pt Times Roman centered text. So, I thought about the "centered text," and deleted textframes 1 and 3, and saved what remained as a new .sla.

Then I rebooted: Win7 x64. I always reboot when dealing with "anomalies." I don't know if there are significantly less "anomalies" with Win8.1 or Win10, but anyway...

I started Scribus 1.45 again, opened the newly saved document, and added a new text frame at the top, to "begin again" with the #1 I deleted before the save. This time I simply entered the text directly into the frame, without changing any of the defaults: 12pt TR, flush left.

Then I "began again" with the same default text scheme for textframe #3.

Then I exported to PDF/X-1a, but along with "export bookmarks" (which I have always kept), I checked the "Viewer [tab]"/ (radio button) "Display Bookmarks Tab," saved, and exported to PDF/X-1a, and "voila": all three bookmarks showed with their text!

So, then I re-opened the .sla, selected the text separately in textframes #1 and #3, changed the style to BOLD and increased to 13.3pt, and centered the text, as I had originally, and as I need.

Then I exported to PDF/X-1a, and "voila" Again! All of the bookmarks and correct text showed, and my text was returned to the "headline" style/format I needed. So, I found my workaround and I have no complaints: I'm also a developer and my latest project has 140 units, and I know that each "software" is a culture unto itself and needs the user to become "acculturated"....