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I understand entirely what you're saying. In fact almost all DTP apps suffer from the problem you mention. Of course, the need to flow text into or around such shapes has to be considered carefully to ensure that the design is of a sufficient size, and the text appropriately sized to fit the shape and its contours.

I was always taught that when you get shapes of this nature, text flow either within or around the shape should be done in two columns. The idea being that any nooks and crannies don't get filled with odd bits of text. If that doesn't work, or doesn't look right, then simply don't do it. It's not always an easy choice. The example attached, although not particularly good, shows the technique. Of course, it would only be used if the overall design was large enough to make it look sensible. The Heart shape in particular is problematic because not only does it split text at the top, it also has a very pointy bit at the base that can't effectively be filled with whole words.

Just another challenge, but worth finding solutions.


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