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Magazine Cover Experiment - Oceanic Explorer


It's been quite a while since I posted an experiment so here's another magazine cover.

It's a bit like a National Geographic cover but for deep sea explorers.

Most of the heavy-lifting on this one is done by the fantastic main image by intographics which you can find here:

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Hi Gary,

I love the cover experiment. The image you found on Pixabay is amazing. I also love the font used in the magazine title.

Was the work on this cover done entirely in Scribus or did you use other software in conjunction with Scribus?

Thanks Michael, I'm glad you like it.

Pixabay is a great place to find good quality free images. There's a lot of work-a-day stuff like landscapes, food, animals and such - which are nice for adding a touch of colour to things like newsletters and brochures - but if you dig deeper there's are some quirky and fascinating pictures just crying out to be used in something. (A lot of my experiments start with me finding an interesting image and asking the question "Now what can I do with this?")

GIMP was used to allow the island to go in front of the logotype and Inkscape was used to create the logotype itself. Everything else (not that there was much else to do) was done using Scribus.

The font used in the logotype was Cinzel which you can find here: It's a nice alternative to something like Baskerville but only upper case letters are available, so nice for headlines but no good for copy.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the additional information, much appreciated.

I really like that font Cinzel so thank you for pointing me to a download location.

I had a feeling Gimp and Inkscape was also used. I tend to use these tools in conjunction with Scribus especially for the purpose of placing the image in front of the magazine title as shown here.

Great work and thanks for the follow up information.


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