PDF form to append in excel?

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My Javascript knowledge is fairly limited, I was asked to make a form to help monitor inventory. Unfortunately i'm more familiar with java. and my manager didn't realize there was a difference when they signed me up for it.

Essentially having a pdf form take a part number and quantity, and look up values in an excel sheet and then spit out the result to a database.

I've got most of it figured out. the reading of the excel file, and the simple calculations, and updating the excel file with the new inventory. but i also need to add in a trace-ability step to the workflow, so i want to spit out lot/batch number data into a separate excel workbook along with the part it went into. I've figured out how to make new workbooks, but not append to existing ones.

So, Is it possible to append to an existing excel file using only scribus? or maybe it's better to ask: is it possible to use JS to search an excel sheet for the next blank row and write to it?