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I'm not sure if the subject is correct or the forum is correct, but here I go.

I have a booklet I am preparing for a class reunion  For the classmates, I have an image frame for their picture and a text frame for contact information.  I created one set consisting of an image frame and a text frame beside it.  I then duplicated that frame 6 times on the page, giving me seven pairs.  I then grouped all the paired frames and grouped every thing on the page.  Finally, I duplicated that page until I had enough to list all classmates.  I populated the text frames after ungrouping all pages using mail merge.  Since the image merge did not work, I populated those individually.  The classmates are listed in alphabetical order by last name, first name.  For married females, I put their married name in parenthesis.

Things were wonderful until I discovered a classmate's maiden name and married had been reversed.  So that classmate was out of order.  Is there an easy way to move her information to the proper location (last name begins with a B, married name begins with a W)?  In other words, I need to move a person's location from a W location to a B location, and all other classmates need to be shifted down from the insertion point of the B location.

Hope springs eternal.  If the above explanation doesn't make sense, I'll be glad to try to clear up any confusion in order to get some help.  I'm a little desperate because I have to have this at the printer's on Monday.


Unfortunately, unless I've read your situation wrong, there's no way to do it automatically or quickly without using a script of some kind. You will have to manually make the space on the page by moving everyone else "down" a slot.

If you had one person per page you could just use the Manage Pages dialog to swap them round but since the person that's in the wrong place is part of a layout then you need to manually change the layout.

A script might be able to do it better but it will probably take longer to write and test the script than it will to just do the work.


I think you're right.  After spending a couple of hours reading the documentation and searching  for a possible way to do this, I could not find anything that would allow me to do this other than manually.  So, I have learned that original layout must be given more thought than I gave this before starting to design my document. To the task I must go.  Thank you for confirming my thoughts.