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Altough I really enjoy using scribus, I have a hard time with the zoom behaviour where when zooming out the document ends up to the top left corner of the screen, which makes it hard for tracking and moving around the document quickly.

Is there a way to leave the document in the center of the screen when zooming out? Is this something that has been a trouble for other user?

Thanks for the great product!


Welcome to the forum ponnuki.

Unfortunately, currently, there's no way to centre the page in the window when zooming.

Various tickets have been raised for similar things. Here are two examples:
* https://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=4235
* https://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=6918

This behaviour might change in future versions - and might actually be different in the current development version (but changes come and go) - however with the current stable version (1.4.6) it's not possible.

Any changes to how zoom works might be a bit disconcerting to existing users but if it works better then I'm sure we can get used to it (and even be thankful for it).


This is the opposite of my Bugreport :-D



I'm used to the way it works now but if someone can make it better then I'm all for that. It just depends on what you mean by "better", and for whom...


Yes you do get used to it, but since I move often from Inkscape / gimp and other visual creation tool (freecad and qgis to name a couple) it does create a 'strange' effect on the tracking
of the document.

I think what could work is a setting that specify where you want your zero mark for the ruler. So if your zero mark is always center, then you expect that behavior, or you can specify that the zero mark be on the left, as it is now, so that user could decide on the behaviour of the interface, which I think could help on modeling the tool for everyone's usage.

But that's just an idea, I am far from being able to put that into code ;)

Thanks again for the excellent tool!


One thing that most programs do is that if you zoom with the mouse wheel, the zoom is centered around the cursor. That would most likely help some people.

But how to handle zoom when not using the mouse wheel?


personally, i'm getting more and more allergic to adding preferences for every behavior.

software should focus on providing a sound comfortable user experience. if it's well done, users will learn very fast to appreciate the "philosophy" behind it and get more efficient every day.
trying to keep old habits in a new software, will only make you fight with the logic of the software. on each action.

(of course some level of configuration is needed!)

and a better zoom is needed! i just would love people to focus on which behavior exactly scribus should support, not how to let people configure it :-)


It would be nice to be able to centre the current page (or whatever you're looking at) in the main window instead of it being pulled all the way over to the left on small zoom levels.

Many times I've found myself having to lean over to the side to get a good look at what I'm working on. (Small zoom levels are good to get an overall feel for the page/spread as a whole or for a cover/poster at a distance.)

P.S. And I'll just mention a certain "Zoom Bar" http://forums.scribus.net/index.php/topic,1679.msg7507.html#msg7507 in case anyone's interested. Cough!


Option to temporary fix it is by adding scratch but maximum size is only 1000mm so when zooming out a lot to see whole newspaper still brings document to the left... That's pretty odd I think as Scribus displays more then 1000mm on the right size so why it couldn't do that to the left too and center document?


i've been keeping some notes about the ideas concerning the zoom.


if somebody wants to contribute to the specification, one day we might have a proposal that can given to a programmer for implementation :-)
(if somebody wants to contribute but has no idea about how to use github, just ask... :-)


Well I think that sums it all a.I.e I wouldn't have much to add to your git, apart a +1

And yes, zooming with the scroll wheel where the pointer is, is definitely the behavior that would work well in my mind.