How to test your translation from Transifex? (Short manual)

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    • Make sure you have installed qt5-tools package in your computer
    • Compile and install Scribus SVN version
    • In Transifex choose your language under Scribus resource
    • Choose "Download for use ?" option
    • File "for_use_scribus_scribus_XX_xx.ts" is downloaded, where XX_xx is a code of your language
    • Open terminal in folder where you have downloaded translation file and type - "lrelease for_use_scribus_scribus_XX_xx.ts" - now you have "for_use_scribus_scribus_XX_xx.qm" file
    • Put your new file into /usr/share/scribus/translations/ folder and rename it to "scribus.XX_xx.qm"
    • Launch Scribus SVN version and start testing your downloaded translation
    Enjoy! :)


Thanks Strebski!
At some point we can also make an additional comment for Windows and OSX users.
There are some relevant screenshots at for how to download translations from Transifex.


Hi. Since I don't know how to compile I never tried the method described in this post. But by lucky I found in (by the way it would be great to have this link in ) and found we have available the "nightly builds" to download and thought I could try to see if translations are ok in Scribus but I found this doesn't have translations updated. Can anyone update the translations from Transifex if possible? It would be great to test the translation before the next release.