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I am putting together a journal that is 100 pages long. All pages are numbered. 90 pages have a white border around them. 10 pages are advertisements that need bleeds. How do I make only those ten pages show the bleed margins? I am using Scribus 1.4.4. Would be very thankful for a solution! Spent a few hours today trying to figure it out and still haven't.


hi koljas

well, bleed is needed to give the printer some margin when cutting the pages...
and it applies to the whole job.

i understand that you don't want to see that visual noise on the pages where you don't need the information, but since all pages will be cut in the same way, you indeed normally define the bleed for all pages in the document.

so, the short answer is: you can't.

for the longer answer, i think  we should know if it's even technically (on the printing press!) possible to have bleed only on a set of pages and if it's the case what are the restrictions (as an example, facing pages might need to both have bleeds).
if you can find out about this, we then might be able to write a feature request for more flexible bleeds...


Thank you. What you say makes total sense. I'll contact the printing company, find out, and will post the reply.


The answer about bleed only on a set of printed pages depends on a couple of things...  how many pages are being run in the spread, if it is being printed imposed or as single pages which is determined by the type of binding that will be used on the finished book... As a printer, I always ask for full bleed on all pages if any of them have bleed, but that is do to the imposition software that I use to layout the job, but most of the professional imposition software works this way, I have used the top four and seen at least four more in use...