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Text transparencies show up fully opaque in PDF

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Or could I ask it this way - for anyone who *does* have transparency working fine for them, could you let me know:

- What version of Scribus you are using
- What export format you are using
- What PDF viewer you are verifying your output with ?

Many thanks,

I've downloaded the windows version of 1.4 but the problem is the same.

So I've ended up using GIMP to do my text and saving it as an image and importing it to Scribus. It's not ideal - requires extra work and is error prone with regard to sizing and layout - but it works for now.

Am I the only person having this problem? Surely the majority of people would find Scribus unusable without a working transparency effect .... or are there other export options I don't know about? Perhaps I could export as an image and then re-import that to a new project and export again as PDF .... I'll give that a try.

ehm ehm... you're not setting a white background for your text frames, aren't you?

please share a .sla with an example and the pdf produced from it...


Thank you a-l-e. I believe the background is not set to white.. or any color. Here is the .sla and pdf (next post).

PDF not accepted for upload so here's a link:

It's 6 MB.


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