Automatic page numbers for Unicode fonts

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I'm using Scribus 1.5.2 on Ubuntu 16.x. On a master page I created a text frame with automatic page numbers. That works well with 1,2,3,... and arabic numbers.

The publication, however, should be in Burmese (aka Myanmar) and therefore I would need numbers from the Burmese alphabet. Just formatting the characters with the Burmese font obviously doesn't change anything, they're still arabic. The required numbers start in the Unicode table in higher positions, so it's not so much a problem of formatting the characters but using different characters for the numbers. See, positions U+1040 to U+1049.

Is there any way how I can achieve this? I guess that a similar problem occurs for many other languages that use their own numbers. Thanks!


A group of brave people is working on the support of non Latin languages in Scribus:

If you know anybody who can help with the programming (or money), ring a bell!
Currently, the work is focused on Arabic, but most non Latin languages should profit from the changes

Currently, the plans is to get the work done by HOST into 1.5.3 before the end of the year...

And, no, Scribus 1.5.2 does not support most non latin languages (except chinese and japanese if i'm not mistaken)