I have a map. Can I get the road segments from it somehow?

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I have maps from city governments (pdf).
I want to get the roads from the map somehow.

Eg, Some kind of postscript line segment info perhaps?

If not using scribus, any other suggestions?

LineSegment#1:  x,y start  x,y end

I know this seems impossible, but thats my task!

Any leads appreciated.
Jim Pruett, Director
A TN Charity


It all depends on how the map is made. I think it will be very hard to get it automatically.

I would probably load the map as a background in Inkscape and then draw lines on top of the roads. Yes, a lot of work, but probably easiest.


inkscape is the way to go...

scribus is not a vector drawing application, but a DTP one :-)

you can open the pdf with inkscape and check if the roads are vectors. if it's the case, you can probably edit the segments.

if they're not, put the map as an image in a background (locked) layer and redraw the roads on top of it... when you get used to it, you can almost be quite fast...