Freezing and CYMK

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I am running Scribus 1.4.0 under OSLion. The publication is a bastard B5 booklet, 24 pages, full colour on most pages. My problem is when I am making alterations in has a tendency to freeze.I have to close and re-open to get back to a workable document.

Also most of the pix are RGB. Is there a batch method of changing them to CYMK?

The booklet will probably be printed digitally because it is a short run (200 copies).


Images in Scribus are linked, so if you really want to convert the images you're better of doing it outside Scribus. As long as the file names are not changed Scribus will read the CMYK images the next time you open the document.

BUT, I really think that what you want to do is chose output for "Printer" (which will create a CMYK PDF). Output for "Screen/web creates an RGB PDF.

Note that conversion from RGB to CMYK always need a color profile, thus you should use a profile provided by your printer.