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Stack overflow error on Windows 10?

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Thanks for taking the time to test this out GarryP.

The exact error message I'm getting is: "Scribus crashes due to the following exception: Exception_Stack_Overflow"

We are using Excel 2010, no 3rd party clip board apps or anything like that.

I think our next steps will be to try reverting to an earlier version of Scribus & see if that produces any different results. We have another Windows workstation running Windows 7 with Scribus 1.4.5, and we do not get the same error.


You're welcome Andy.

I'm just sorry that I don't have an answer at the moment. Without the same version of Excel there's no way I can do proper testing.

I've never seen Scribus give an error message like that so it makes me wonder what version you're actually using, rather than what's being reported to you. Can you go to "Help -> About Scribus" and report all of the text under the banner please? You should have something like "Scribus Version 1.4.6 03 January 2016 Build ID: C-*-T-*-C1.8.6-Windows-64bit Using Ghostscript version 9.18".

Also, where did you get Scribus from? Did you download it from the official location - links from the page - or did you get it from somewhere else? (Some people have had trouble in the past when they've been using unofficial versions obtained from elsewhere.)

My only other suggestion at the moment is to copy the range of cells and paste them to a basic text editor (Notepad for example) and then copy the text from the editor and paste that into Scribus. This will "clean" the text removing any weird stuff that might be causing trouble. (It's an extra step but it's worked in the past with a few things.)

I hope someone else reading this can help you more.

The text under the about Scribus banner is:

Scribus 1.4.6
03 January 2016
Build ID: C-*-T-*-C1.8.6-Windows-64bit
Using Ghostscript version 9.06

We downloaded it from the links on the Scribus website.

I did try putting the numbers into a text editor and copy/pasting from that, with no luck.


Thanks for that.

The info' looks fine and if you got Scribus from the official site then you're most probably using the right version.

(You're using a slightly old version of Ghostscript but that shouldn't cause whatever problem you're having. Copy/paste text shouldn't touch Ghostscript.)

My "strange error message" issue was probably a red herring.

I can't understand why just pasting the text from a text editor would cause the same problem. I've just pasted the full text of "Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus" (438KB) into a text frame and Scribus didn't complain at all so I can't see how it can be a "size thing".

This is starting to be annoying, but in a good "I want to figure this out" kind of way.

It's odd that you're not having the issue with other copies of the software. Have you tried re-installing Scribus? It might just be some weird hardware/software corruption somewhere. It's easy enough for a single bit on the disk to be toggled and the software still looks like it's working (see, for example, or if you really want some light bedtime reading! ).

It's a shame you're having such trouble with Scribus when you're evaluating it. People coming from commercial software is always good for Scribus so it feels bad when you're having this kind of awkward problem with something that should be straightforward.

I'll let my brain stew on this but, for now, I'm stumped. (Maybe I'm thinking too hard about it and the solution is simple.)

Thanks again GarryP, appreciate all your efforts.
At this point, we are going to try a re-install of the software.

I'll be sure to report back with the results.



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