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Greetings all! In October I will be releasing my first magazine and I need some opinions on my cover design!

I want to believe.


Very nice. A bold cover that really stands out.

It reminds me a little of a TIME magazine cover I spotted a while back with Barack Obama on it (I'm not sure if it was a spoof cover or a real one). If it's good enough for TIME it's good enough for me!

I don't have many good comments but I'll give them anyway in case they help:

1. "greater the Thomas Eddison" should probably be "greater than Thomas Edison". Two changes there.
2. Might "madeleine mccann" be capitalised as a name? Ignore if it's just a style thing.
3. is mentioned twice. Is this necessary? Maybe it is, not for me to say.
4. I really like the font - what is it by the way? - and it goes with the subject matter but I'm wondering if you could use a different one in some places to give a bit more "interest" (if that's the word I'm looking for).
5. Is this going to be a free thing? I only ask as there's no mention of price and no barcode. (And a barcode could be difficult to place on this design without spoiling it.)
6. Have you tried different spacings between the "headlines"? It doesn't look quite right to me but I couldn't say why. I could easily be wrong and that sort of thing can drive you mad tinkering with it.
7. And this is being really picky but I'm not sure about where the alien's head meets the "believe" section. It doesn't look quite right where the darkened patch on the left meets the chin.
8. The alien looks great by the way.

And that's pretty much it. Most of my comments are just personal opinions that could quite easily be totally wrong and changing stuff might make it worse.

All in all, I don't know what you were trying for but it certainly works for me. Lovely work.


Thanks heaps for your feedback! I do like the points you have made, some I am already aware of but others had no idea.

The font is called Prototype I found it on 1001 free fonts and for what I was after seem to do the job perfectly.

The magazine itself will be $3.99  digital and the company that I am publishing through place the barcode on the back page freeing up the front page for me :)

The second in on my original artwork, I did not even realise I had left it there! haha.

Thank you so much for your comments, I now have a few things to fix and I really appreciate the feedback!
I want to believe.


You're welcome.

I guessed that you'd probably already know about some of the things I'd commented on but I thought I'd mention them just in case. I know how easy it is to miss the small stuff.

Thanks for the info' about the font. It's always good to have a collection of things like that for when you need them.

Good luck with the magazine. I hope it sells well.