Toolbar AWOL

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I have hit a slight roadblock in following the tutorial. There is nothing to the right of the clipboard icon in the toolbar. No Edit Contents of Frame icon.

Is this yet another manifestation of the Curse of Snow Leopard, or am I missing something obvious (as I sometimes do)? I am on 10.6.8.

A related question: Is there anything I can do with all the InDesign files on my computer, besides sending Adobe® a lot of money to ransom them?



hi aretino, can it be that you're toolbars are collapsed? just move them to make them wider (if needed, you can create a second row of icons)

... and take the manual with a grain of salt: it was written for and you're probably using 1.4RC5 (or you should be using it...)


No, they're not collapsed. I think you are correct about version differences. I believe I can feel my way along. It turns out that although Tools was checked in the Windows menu, they did not appear until clicked on again.