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Douglas Grove

Hi...when I right click text and select "edit text"...the window no longer appears, and I can do nothing...not even delete the text frame, as a warning states that it is being edited in the story editor....I closed the program and Scribus, restarted both...but the problem is still there...everything worked fine before...


Douglas, it sounds as though your Story Editor dialog has somehow been moved off-screen.

This can happen in any number of ways - not necessarily a user error - and unfortunately, there's no function in Scribus to force all dialogs back into the screen area. (A full uninstall/reinstall will work but you need to get technical and know what "secret things" also need to be removed and you'll lose your preferences so that's a bit of a "nuclear option").

The quick fix will depend on what operating system you're using but on Windows you can try this: Straight after you open the Story Editor, press Alt+Space then the M key, then tap a cursor key a couple of times. You should now be able to move the mouse around and the dialog should move with the mouse. You should be able to get the dialog back onto the screen that way.

Basically you're using keyboard shortcuts to help you move the dialog around. Other OSes will probably have similar functions but you'd have to look them up on the web (or someone else might offer them here).