Scribus 1.4.5 on Win 8 question

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Long time Scribus user but first time on this forum.

When I save a project I am working on I get this error message:

"Your document was saved to a temporary file and could not be moved:"

...and then gives me a file name such as this: C:\folder\filexyz.sla.7643

...where the four digit number after the .sla is randomly assigned.

If I save again to a new name, the project saves just fine.
Then, a few saves later, I get the error message again and I just save it to yet another new file name.

Not a huge bug...just kind of annoying.  This has happened on several projects and has happened eer since I installed, tested, and then uninstalled Scribus 1.5 (however none of these projects ever got near 1.5 and visa versa).

I uninstalled 1.5 as I use 1.4.5 constantly for production projects and did not want to risk opening a 1.4.5 project with 1.5.  I am not sure if my problem has anything to do with this install/uninstall but I thought I would mention it.

Any ideas?  Thank you!

Thanks  :D

I have just started using Scribus - on Windows 10, and I am getting the same problem.  Anyone any ideas yet?