Best Tablet for Scribus?

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Im thinking of buying an Ipad Pro 9.7 tablet.  Does Scribus run on it or on a similar device?  Are there any pros or cons?
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of course it will work: you just need to install vnc.
(and have a computer running with scribus and a vnc server, of course!)

... but don't buy an ipad for working with scribus.
ipad are thought for consuming content, not for producing it.


The question was not if it was possible to use Scribus on it, but if Scribus could run on it.

The answer to that is most likely "Nobody knows, nobody has tried to port Scribus to iOS, but most likely it would take a lot of effort because Qt is not available for iOS".


i guess that he did not want to know if he could port scribus to iOS, but if he could use it on it :-)

anyway, apart the fact that there is Qt for iOS ( ... i did not read through it...), and the probable incompatibility of the GPL on iOS, and the likely unfriendliness of scribus on iOS... as indirectly suggested, i would not use scribus on an iPad...

i guess that we agree that normally this is something one would not want to do, but if he really puts much effort, at some time he will eventually succeed... and simplest way is to run it through VNC.

so, summarizing:

cons: everything,
pro: none.

and i'ts not even the scribus' fault...