!!colour differences for print!!!

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Dear all!

I have the Scribus Version 1.5.1. and have got a problem with colour export for print.
Question: Why does the 100 % cmyk colour "cyan" become "blue" after exporting for print PDF at the monitor?
I activated the colour assistant.

Thanks a lot for helping me!!!!


What color profiles are you using? What rendering intent? Are you trying to view a CMYK PDF on a RGB monitor? Is the monitor calibrated?

You are saying cyan becomes blue, is the PDF showing RGB layers instead of CMYK layers? Or is it just the appearance on the monitor you are talking about?

To me it sounds as if you do not understand color management, and it that case you should turn it off. Bad color management is worse than no color management.


Dear Nermander!

Thank you, I've checked my monitor and the cmyk-pdf and printed the file too. Also I turned off the colour management system.
What I'm wondering about is, I can't mix 100 % cyan with 20 % black. Everytime I try that, it comes to 80 % cyan and 20 % black.
Do you have a suggestion for me how I can solve this?

Greetings from Austria!



P.S.: we've checked everything, but our print office uses a other designing programme and they said that there are differences in their and our colours interpretation.

Maybe there's the problem?

Thanks :-)


hi norgue

looks like wrong cm-settings.
could you provide a sample .sla and .pdf file?



Dear Utnik!

Thanks a lot, you can find them as an attachment (sla and pdf), so that you can see the colours, without fonts.
Maybe you have an idea, what can be the problem or if it's a technique thing between Scribus and other designing programmes from our print office.


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Hi Norgue!

Your Monochromatic Light is just 80% Cyan, not 100%.
For me it looks ok (on an uncalibrated monitor). The colors are exactly the same after export with CMS en- and disabled (tested with Krita).
The Screenshot shows on top your basic color, left Monochromatic light, right Cyan.

But you didn't tell what color profile your print office wants.


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Dear Laser!

Thank you, I'll check that with your helping information.

Kind regards,