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I am a new user of the Scribus, I have just installed and started learning to use it and I am struggling to adjust / expand size of toolbar / toolbox which appears below the menu bar (please see the attachment).

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forum Bounchanh.

Wow, those icons are way smaller than I've ever seen them.

There's an option in "Preferences / General" where you can "Use Small Widgets in Palettes" which you could try unchecking (needs a restart) but I don't think that's the problem.

You could also try changing the "Theme" in the same "Preferences / General". Maybe something has gone wrong there instead.


I have the same issue and would like to find the option to make the toolbar icons a bit larger.

Used to be a few years ago, before all these extra features were added, before the extra icons, that Scribus' toolbar icons were larger.

Most likely related to Scribus using Qt5.

Adobe Indesign does the same thing.

I want an option that I can choose which icons that I frequently use and can remain on the top of the program, and the rest be hidden.

LibreOffice/OpenOffice does this.
Linux (Fedora 22 i686_64). Scribus 1.5.3svn. MATE / GNOME 3.16 evince.


This forum post:,783.0.html has a bit more info' about this area. (Look at the bug tracker ticket linked to by Kunda.)