How to type Scientific formula inside scribus

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i want type more pages with equations and more scientific formula, how can i type formulas inside scribus.

i know installing latex will help to type forumula's. but i want GUI window for typing formula.

is KLatex compatible with scribus? please anyone provide proper download link to download klatex.

Currently i using windows 7 64bit OS.



i confused about selecting the latex.
which one i choose Klatex or Miktex or any other latex?


Just now i installed Klatex. how can i configure Klatex with scribus?

Meho R.

I have no idea what klatex is, but TeXLive and MikTeX are full-blown installation containing everything one might need. So,

1. You'll need installation of LaTeX on your computer (TeXLive or MikTeX). Test it out of Scribus to see if everything is set.

2. Scribus should recognize LaTeX installation automatically. However, if you need to change anything related to communication with LaTeX, take a look at File > Preferences > External Tools.

3. In Scribus, create a Render Frame > right click > Edit Source... Here you'll enter the code to render your formula. E.g., with "Use Preamble" turned off, try this in "Enter Code" section:



Testing \LaTeX:


And inline: $x-y=z$.


4. When exporting your document to PDF, make sure you activate "Embed PDF & EPS Files" checkbox, so that the content of the Render Frame gets exported as vector, not as bitmap.