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First of all i have to say Scribus looks as a pretty damn good piece of software! Congratulations on development progress to the whole team!

There is one thing, that holds me from using it on daily basis. I work a lot with images and I often need to copy existing Image Frame (with scaled and cropped image) and replace the image with another one. When I replace the image, the position and scale of the new image gets reset (so the position is 0,0 and scale is 100%)
It would help me a lot if the Image Frame would keep the scale and position of the old image and apply it on the new one. Would that be possible?
Thanks a lot, and please keep up the good work!

I am using Scribus 1.5.2 on Win 7 64


hi, i agree with you...

a couple of years ago i wrote that patch, that simply removes the reinitialization.

i think that somebody could go through a few use cases and check that just leaving things as is is the best thing to do and post the evidence to the bug tracker. if it's indeed that way, of course!
(well, a +1 could also do, but having real use cases explained and checked will help more, the patch to get accepted)


Thanks for the reply! So there is even already a patch for this. Nice!
Posted a note to the issue.