Author Topic: How to 'preview' different fonts  (Read 1851 times)


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How to 'preview' different fonts
« on: June 17, 2016, 11:09:35 pm »
Edit: Sorry, sorry. I've just done a search and found an old post referring to a font previewer in 'Extras.' Exactly what I want. I'll leave this post here in case it helps anyone else.


Original post:


I hope this is not to obvious a question and that I can explain it.

If you have text in a text frame, is there a way to easily see how that text would look in different fonts, by skipping through the fonts, rather than selecting them one at a time?

I know I can view 'text' in the text frames Properties and choose a different font in the dropdown but this is clunky. You need to click on the font dropdown, click on a new font, have a look at it, then click on the dropdown, click on another font, have a look at it etc etc. Very slow.

I'm thinking that it would be great to have the text font change as I use the keyboard down arrow to move through a font list - as each new font becomes highlighted, the text automatically changes to reflect that. Then when I get to one I like, I click off the list (or whatever). It's a bit like you can move quickly through layer effects in Photoshop, previewing each effect before choosing one.

Is that possible somehow?

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