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micker, as a.l.e. has said above, a lot of people just create colours as they need them or according to a palette that has been defined for the publication they are working on. That is the normal way of working for Desktop Publishing; too many colours can spoil a good layout.

However, I think I can understand where you're coming from. A lot of beginners will not feel comfortable creating their own colours and would like to be able to simply choose from a preset palette with a decent range of defaults, like you do in Inkscape, LibreOffice etc. And some people might not even realise that colours can be changed through the Colour Manager - it's a bit "hidden" in the Edit menu - and think that the only colours that are available are the ones listed in the Colours tab of the Properties Palette.

It might be good if Scribus allowed users to change colours via the PP Colours tab. At the very least a button could be given to get to the Colours Manager as an alternative to the Edit menu route. Or a context sensitive menu from the Colours tab where users can add/change/remove individual colours.

In the meantime, have you seen this article: ? It tells you how to create and manage colours, including an easy way of adding colours from the various palettes included with Scribus ("Creating a new colour from an existing palette"). It might be worth some time looking through it as it could save you time in the future.


hi micker

as you teach scribus, your aversion against the way scribus deals with colors will jump to your pupil – unless you understand the idea and tell them what's your problem and why scribus works the way it does. (so try to understand the idea behind…)


hello i realy love scribus i think it realy good software ... many user that use indesign link scribus after 10m
i am just propose some feature that ALL user (but doesn't post in this forum) return
i think UX ethic is good but don't forgot to think at beguinner

=> for now we lost many time for manage color that my propose  :D

personally, i don't like the list of colors defined by default in scribus.

they don't make sense to me.

and it should be (much) easier to create new colors. (as garry writes: it should happen from the PP!)

but i'm not sure that making it easier to add palettes or "enlarging" the current default palette is the way to go.

i love to do things for the beginners, but they should not get in the way of the "pro" users... and having more colors means only that you have to delete them / cannot concentrate on *your* colors...

i think that one should be able to chose in the preferences a default color space.
if one choses RGB, the color that are automatically generated will be RGB.
if one choses CMYK, she will get a few CMYK colors.
if none is selected, you get an RGB black and one (or several?) CMYK black(s).

the current mix is a bit of a nonsense to me.

and, of course, one should be able to define her own set of colors.

p.s.: those are rather simple changes, but somebody has to sit down and make a real specification, push it to be accepted by the team and then find somebody to program it... volunteers are welcome!


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