Ability to link SVG files rather than embedding it

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It would be great if we could just link svg files, rather than embed it, just like we do with images. It is indeed not convenient to have to import a new version of an svg file everytime we make a modification to it.



Our work flow is such, that we often save our document in progress, each under a new name. So we are glad that Scribus does not bloat all our versions will all those bitmaps.

If we could further reduce the file-sizes by linked SVG rather than embedded, that would help us. I see no disadvantage, since all users have to learn about bitmap-linking and about the feature "collect for output" anywy.
Presently using Scribus 1.5.8 on Windows and on Linuxes.
I am a Newbie here in the forum (since 2015) but I am using Scribus for over 10 years for work and privately.