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Hello no way to improve bezier curve ?
actualy its a bad feature for end user ... maybe use inkscape code ?


i don't think we can use inkscape's code.

but, yes, the bezier tool needs a lot of love...


micker, what's wrong with the bezier curve tool?

It's not right to just say it's a bad feature and ask if there's a way to improve it. You need to say what you think is wrong or what it could do better.

I've used it a lot and - while I know it's far from perfect - it can be used for quite complex projects. For instance, the main illustration on the video game cover here:,1855.0.html was created with only the Scribus bezier tool and nothing else.

If you can explain what you think it does wrong or how it can be improved then something might be able to be done about it. Just complaining that it's bad will get nowhere.


the logical is invers that inkscape for exemple you need to clic and drag inverse direction if you want curve in right direction that realy strange ....
closing form isn't realy simple that do right line
it just a coparaison with inkscape and illustrator

i realy love scribus, i just want to see it explode indesign, potential is here ... we need to improve interface (on road) and polish UX
and we didn't need indesign


I agree that Inkscape handles beziers much better than Scribus but then I'd expect it to. Inkscape is for vector illustration while Scribus is for page layout.

Scribus does some things differently but it's not so different that you can't switch between the two. I haven't noticed Scribus doing anything "illogically", just a bit differently. (Unless I'm so used to it that I've forgotten that I had to learn to do something unusual.)

If someone is used to working with Inkscape - or something similar - then they'll probably keep using that for vectors and import them into Scribus. On the other hand, if someone isn't used to another application then they don't have to learn anything different; they just learn how Scribus does things.

There have been various improvements already asked for in this area - moving multiple nodes, snapping, shortcuts, etc. - so, hopefully, we'll see more good stuff coming soon.


i understand, uniformisation isn't a bad idea if its good for many person
that you say inkscape and illustrator are victor illustration programm, they are the best ... copy it it is more interesting than rebuild world  :D


hi micker

Quote from: micker on June 08, 2016, 02:11:47 PM need to clic and drag inverse direction...

i agree in this point – when there are two ways to do something and one of them is standard in the whole world, we'd need a good reason to choose the non-standard way. (i can't see this reason here!)
the more essential show stopper with bezier curves lies in the editing procedure. it's the need to click a button in the nodes editor to switch from node editing to control point editing and back – too many unnecessary clicks...

...but i rather use inkscape than scribus for vector art (and i recommend this for most scribus users) – improving the bezier tool and/or the node editor isn't a high priority task.



yes i understand ....
i am realy exiting by new interface .... it will be an important step