Font Mysteries: What gives?

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Garry P. had this handy suggestion for determining which fonts are being used in a document.
"There's no easy way of seeing where fonts are used but you can try this trick.
* In "File -> Document Properties..." go to "Fonts" then scroll to a font you want to check for.
* Uncheck the "Use Font" icon for that font.
* Press "OK".
* Got to "Windows -> Preflight Verifier".
All of the frames which use the font you've told Scribus not to use should show an error saying "Glyphs mssing".
Once you've sorted things out don't forget to go back to "Fonts" and allow the font to be used again.
It's not perfect but it should do what you need."

So I tried that because I've been trying to eliminate ACP font from my monthly newsletter. I unchecked all the ACLs in preferences>Fonts. When I looked at Preflight Ver., yes, "missing glyphs" everywhere. But when I check them, I see that my TNR is in fact the visible font. It's all the spaces that are showing Al Bayan, which I've never ever used. That font IS checked as "used" in the preferences, so I'm at a loss to understand why the verifier is revealing Al Bayan in my text frame SPACES. Any help very much appreciated.