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I try to make an invitation for some meal and I have a pb with a jpg that looks blurred and hardly readable though it is 300dpi and perfectly readable elsewhere. any hint ? Why Scribus seems to downgrade the quality ??



Welcome to the forum tastymood.

Try changing the Preview Settings for the image frame. Right-click the frame, then choose "Preview Settings -> Full Resolution" from the menu. This should make the image display at the best resolution it can be on your monitor. You can change this setting for all images in the document via menu "File -> Document Setup... / Tools / Image Frames".

More information and discussion about this can be found here:,2051.0.html


Happy to be here  :). Thanks for your tip. It was so simple, I could not think about it !


You're welcome.

I hope you don't have many other problems with Scribus but if you do then all you have to do is ask. We're all happy to help.