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Barry McKenna

My major need for Scribus, which I have been following for many years, is to publish text pages and SVG simple line graphics and text.

I post this for any others who may encounter the need to add whitespace in their SVG text for import into Scribus.

I need to use a particular font for one character, and then revert to Arial on the same line, with that Arial text separated
by one space, as it follows the single character of the first font.

I tried a blank space(s) in the code that generates my SVG, and I tried xml:space="preserve".

Both the blank space and the xml:space="preserve" are recognized precisely by Firefox when I open the files in that app,
but the only way I could get Scribus (still using 1.45, for the moment) to recognize whitespace is to hard code an additional amount to
my X values.

I have some understanding that this is still "normal," in that different apps have different capabilities or features for managing SVG whitespace,
perhaps since SVG is still a work-in-progress for so many apps.

I have no complaint, since my SVG files are generated by my own Delphi app, and I can add to the X value, as needed.

I thought I would post this to see if there is any interest or activity on this whitespace/SVG management in Scribus.

If or when Scribus changes how it manages whitespace, I will have to revise my code, and I would like to stay in touch with
any activity on this issue, because my Delphi app will likely be used by others in the future to publish SVG simple line graphics and text
that are the particular output of my Delphi app.

I do know (from the email list) that people have been working on SVG in Scribus for many years, and I am especially grateful.

Barry McKenna